UX / UI designer passionate about creating social change through design

Hello, I’m Avis Williams and I create products, services, and experiences to help improve people’s lives and make a social impact.


App & website to help local communities improve the environment

Green Collab is a local community based social enterprise focused on helping local people become aware of environmental problems that are having an impact on their community.


Meditation app for users who are struggling to meditate and relax.

Mediators can learn basic breathing techniques using mantras, and listen to short guided meditation and music. Shorter guided meditations will help mediators gradually become accustomed to meditation and will want to meditate for longer.


Responsive website to help villagers in Africa create and vote on policies

People’s policies is a policy and voting website for villagers living in Gambia, Africa. The website will help villagers decide on how they want to redevelop and live on their land.

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